Collaborate outside the box
Peerdash is the Secure and Social Collaboration Platform that harnesses the power of your stakeholders
Peerdash is a secure ecosystem management and collaboration platform for multi-stakeholder environments
Industry, Government, and Academia all face the daunting task of communicating vast sums of knowledge by and between employees, stakeholders, customers and decision makers. Often multi-institutional, a company’s vital information can run the gamut from Intellectual Property to Public outreach.

Peerdash is built from the ground up for large-scale data collaboration – with a user-interface and experience as simple and familiar as Facebook. And, unlike other “collaboration software”, Peerdash is a complete system – from developing private IP to collaborative workflow and project management to publishing to the whole world!
Virtual Ecosystem & Content Management Peerdash: The Solution
We believe...
Knowledge management is the key to collaboration.

A knowledgebase must be accessible to - and leverage - all stakeholders.

Business should not have to sacrifice security for convenience.
In 2012, our beta, Surfdash.com, was launched at San Jose State University in California - And they loved it! It is still being used by students today.

Research showed us that contextual aggregation is even more empowering for modern business and requires the same kind of knowledge base - after all, it's the foundation of meaningful collaboration.

So, after 2 years of research and development...

This summer (2015) we launched Peerdash.com - the next-generation, secure collaboration platform for modern business, academia & government.

Our world-class team has a unique, forward-leaning blend of skills in: systems development, cyber-security, media, law, public sector, tech transfer and commercialization.

One of us even put a startup in space.
Jenna Kelly, J.D.

Rob Carr

Systems Architect
Maria Douglass

Programs & Ecosystems
Seyed Safakish

Board Chairman